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The Importance of Building the Right Team

The importance of building the right team

Network marketing is slowly becoming a more difficult business to break into, particularly as a sole operator or small business owner. You might have the necessary skill set, and you could be very good at what you do. The problem, with growing frequency, is saturation. There are so many network marketing startups that it can be difficult to find clients, get off the ground, and establish a reputation for quality, reliability, and transparency.

The solution to this is somewhat complicated, but it starts with a lot of hard work and perseverance. To that end, you need the right team around you to help you get the job done. This is true even as a sole proprietor, which you’ll see in a moment.

As a Network Marketing Business Owner

Establishing a new business is often a difficult and complicated process. As long as you’re putting a team together in pursuit of such a goal, you might as well do the job right the first time. The right team members can make all the difference in the world, and will help to determine whether or not your new business is successful.
Look for Marketers with a Progressive Mindset

Look for people who are forward-thinking, and inclined to come up with outside-the-box solutions that may or may not have been tried in the past. Network marketing is all about constant innovation, and coming up with “the next big idea” could put your new business at the front of the pack. Network marketers need to be able to spot trends that are lurking just over the proverbial horizon, and to take into account announced changes in big provider policy (Google, Amazon, etc.) which are going to alter the landscape a few months down the road.

Focus on Leadership Skills

As your business grows, people will come and go. This is natural and healthy, particularly with regard to such a fast-growing and ever-changing industry as digital marketing. Try to focus on hiring people with leadership qualities. A good leader listens to others, as well as taking their own expertise into account, and implements the best solutions to address a particular issue. Your business will benefit directly from their work ethic, and indirectly from the quality of the employees which list you in their work history.

Hire a Supportive Team

This sounds like a given. However, there is a difference between “providing support services” and literally being supportive. You want to hire people who believe in what you’re doing as a small business owner and entrepreneur. They feel like they’re a part of something, and they want to see it succeed. This kind of support inspires people to put that extra fifteen minutes of polish into a project, or to come up with that last-minute idea that’s going to change everything for the better.

In return, you need to support them as well: provide them with the proper training, listen to their ideas and feedback, and compensate fairly for the amount of experience and ability they bring to the table.

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As a Sole Proprietor or Independent Professional

As a sole proprietor, you still have a “team.” It simply comes in a form that you might not be pausing to appreciate every day, at least if you’ve anything in common with the majority of independent professionals out there today. Your friends, family, and other people in your personal life form a support base and structure that you can fall back on when things get tough.

Friends and family can do a great deal for you. They can suggest ideas off the cuff, which may inspire a little outside-the-box thinking on your own part. They can also provide emotional and moral support, remind you why it is you got involved in your business in the first place, and help encourage you to keep going when your own motivation is flagging.


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