Online Tools for Setting up a New Business

Online Tools for Setting up a New Business

Whether you have a traditional, local brick and mortar store or an exclusively online business, you will need a set of online tools to make setting up your online presence both simple and efficient. There are many options to choose from, and here are our recommendations of the best way to get your new business started.

Every new business needs a quartet of business support services. The first is legal support, which can be found at Legal Zoom. If you are setting up a standard corporation, LLC, partnership, proprietorship, or even a not for profit, Legal Zoom not only has the necessary forms for your state, but also the available consultation where you can speak to an actual attorney and get many of your questions answered. They also can help you with patents and trademarks for your business, a necessity for the open frontier of the Internet.

A second essential support service is accounting/bookkeeping. Trying to keep the books yourself creates two problems: 1) it takes the owner away from their primary focus of the business and 2) it opens the door for the possibility of paying too much in taxes. Online accounting software has become increasingly popular in recent years because it allow a business owner to have an actual accountant periodically review their books while giving the owner control over the day-to-day accounting operations with little time investment. Freshbooks has the best combination of ease of use and powerful features, requiring little time to keep your data safely stored in the cloud and focus on your business.

Without billing, it is impossible to trace individual transactions and begin increasing your bottom line. Squareup is the place to go for new businesses who have a strong personal presence in their community and can make a sale fast. Squareup offers a free square that you connect to your smartphone for instant billing and sales, with no monthly or hidden fees. You will get access to your deposits within 1 to 2 business days, eliminating the need for waiting on payment from checks or money orders.

Finally, the fourth member of the support quartet is your new businesses’ main online presence – the web site. Squarespace is a popular platform that has award winning designs and templates that will get you up and running quickly. The templates can be easily customized, and you can use your own artwork to give your website a unique and personal branding.