Make A Plan Every Day

Make A Plan Every Day

Whether you are a stay at home parent, starting a business in your garage, or work for a major corporation, time management is difficult when there is no plan. By spending a few minutes each morning, you can grab control of your day and allow for surprises.

Consider these few points to help in understanding why planning is crucial to the rest of your day.

Stress. Few humans work adequately under stressful conditions and need a means of simplifying their surroundings, even if it requires creating a work-space just for you.
Unexpected. Count on the unexpected. If you have pets, children, busy neighbors, or drop by unannounced relatives you already have enough distractions. Add to those phone calls, emergencies, and forgotten meetings, and your plans quickly become derailed.
Self-evaluation. Always give yourself a report card.
Helpful Tips to Get You Started

At the beginning of your day, sit down at your desk and address these areas of focus to help create the list of tasks you must accomplish. Then add them to your Smartphone calendar app to assure you remember them.

Define Your Goals. Perhaps the tricky part in deciding what needs doing first. Just create a random list to gain a start, and then rearrange it until the important goals are at the top.
Brainstorm. With your goals clearly set, brainstorm for unique ways to approach them so that others pay attention.
Clearly Defined Roles. In the corporate world, positions go with the defined job, but for the self-employed or local business person, these roles shift. Decide what your role is and then conduct yourself accordingly, so others automatically assume the position in which you need them. From this vantage point, you remain in control and complete jobs faster.
Scheduling. Working with the schedules of other people becomes problematic at times. However, it is your schedule to which you must adhere, and find a way to plan around those of others. Learn your clients and how they plan their schedules. This knowledge gives you the advantage.
Review Your Plan. Constantly review your plan and enter changes where needed. It is easier to refocus and try again than to face an insurmountable obstacle. Dig deep to find hidden conditions and modify your approach until it works for your business.

The top successful people in the world are those who have the best daily planning. They seem to go about their day without fret or worry. Use the time to set up a template of common daily tasks and then approach them in top-down order to complete a winning plan.